Gray Naturally Colored Merino Roving (2 ounces)

Gray Naturally Colored Merino Roving (2 ounces)

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Gray Roving - A soft, luxurious natural colored roving that has been washed and carded from a collection of our 2019 award winning merino flock clip. This roving was described by The Wool Mill as: "Steitzhof Butter Roving, smooth and creamy. Draft a little out by hand and it spins itself."

     All of this roving is 100% Montana Grown and Made from fine and super-fine merino sheep wool.  Our sheep are born and raised on our farm in the Flathead Valley where they are pasture fed.  We feed a special grain mix, custom milled for us locally, this supplement helps our sheep grow a long, strong, fine fiber.

     Our fiber is washed and processed at The Wool Mill of Belgrade, MT. which is a zero waste, solar powered facility.

     We only raise naturally colored merino sheep and do not use dyes in the fiber finishing process. The color you get is the color our sheep grew. It would look great dyed but we leave that up to you. From our farm to your garment - all natural, all Montana.