About Us



 Specialty  wool fleeces for the craft industry is our main focus.  At shearing we  skirt our fleeces with care to eliminate the unwanted. We keep our flock  small in number looking to utilize and combine only the best genetics  to get the best color, staple length, uniformity, crimp and strength  attainable. Because we are small we test our fleeces annually at the  Montana Wool Lab for fineness and uniformity.  We pride ourselves in  strong fiber, "PING". Fiber strength is dictated by nutrition and we  assure our flock gets the right nutrition to provide strong fibers on a  consistent basis. Our flock is primarily fed on managed pastures and  locally grown hay and we supplement only locally grown non-GMO feeds.  All of our flock are coated all year long for cleanliness with the  exception of a few days for mothers with newborn lambs. 

Fleeces 2019


We are very excited about our 2019 fleeces.  It is particularly exciting to see our first 3rd generation lamb fleeces. Aretha, Guernsey, Joplin, Pepper and Boom. We head back to Black Sheep Gathering in July to show some of these. We are sold out of raw fleeces for  2019. Our fleeces have been mailed to customers in NH, MA, NY, PA, MD, MI, IN, OH, CO, TX, UT, CA, WA,  QC & BC Canada and Norway.  You can view the fleeces on the Gallery section below. 

Fleeces 2018


We were very honored and excited to have one of our fleeces (Cash) chosen as 2018 Grand Champion Colored Fleece at Black Sheep Gathering in Albany, OR.