Collection: MERINO YARN - Natural Colors Grown and Made in Montana


We are very excited to bring our 2021 processed wools to the market. All of this yarn and roving is 100% Montana Grown and Made. All of these fine and super-fine wool merino sheep live on our farm in the Flathead Valley. They are raised on pasture here, fed hay and grain which is grown and custom milled for us locally. Our fiber is washed and processed at The Wool Mill of Belgrade, MT. This is an owner/ operated mill which prides itself in no waste and run on solar power. We work with the mill owner to fine tune the process for yarn and roving products that best fits our fiber. We only raise naturally colored merino sheep. We use no dyes in our process. The color you get is what our sheep grew. This would look great dyed but we will leave that up to you. If you really want to know where your clothes or material comes from, this is as proof positive as it gets.

 We have worked hard to find the right combination of fiber, body and color traits (Brown, Gray, Black and enough white through spots to offer a cream color) to bring to you. Although we are primarily a handspinning flock and maximize our size at the 25 best sheep we are now into our second year with processed wool. A small focused flock like ours requires care to be at the highest level. Each sheep has its own name and definitely some character. If you wanted to know where Aretha’s wool is we could easily point to the darkest yarn. Every spring we select and group our fiber into a few chosen color bins for processing. We test our wool annually at the Montana Wool Lab and we know our flock averaged a 22 micron spinning fineness for our 2019 clip. We also design our feed plan to deliver a stronger merino fiber than most commercial flocks. That means a soft, non-scratchy feel against your skin that will last. When you buy wool from us it is the best that we could do and we are proud of that.
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