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Fleece Line Up

Raw Fleeces

We work hard to help our sheep grow the highest quality, fine Merino fleece. 

It starts with good nutrition and we have developed a specialized feed plan of locally mixed grains that help our sheep grow a long, strong staple.  From 2018 to 2022 our flock averaged a 22-micron spinning fineness with a staple length between 3.75 and 5 inches.

Next, we jacket our sheep to yield the cleanest fleece possible.  Each sheep receives a jacket change 4 times a year as their fleece grows.

Lastly, it’s all about breeding.  We have selected the finest breeding stock from across the country with a variety of colors and match the breeding arrangements to produce a rainbow of natural colors.  Steitzhof fleeces come in reddish-brown, champagne-brown, gray, black, and creamy white with brown spots.   

The end result is butter cream in your fingers as you work the fleece through your carder, spinning wheel, and loom.

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Yarn and Roving

We are very excited to bring our 2022 processed wools to the market.  Steitzhof wool is spun into yarn an and roving at the Wool Mill in Belgrade Montana, a zero waste, solar powered mill. We work with the mill owner to fine tune the process for yarn and roving products that best fits our fiber. If you really want to know where your clothes come from, this is as homegrown as it gets. All of our yarn and roving is 100% Montana sunshine, water, and soil and is Made in Montana, USA. 

Steitzhof Merinos is a registered “Grown in Montana” entity.

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